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  • From Kim WILKINSON

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    Watch this video to meet the Young Leader for the SDG 2020 and Forbes 30Under30 Ralf Toenjes who shares his journey as a social entrepreneur. This fireside chat was…
  • From Kim WILKINSON

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    This video will introduce you to NaTakallam ("We Speak" in Arabic) an award-winning social enterprise that connects refugees, displaced people and host…
  • From Kim WILKINSON

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    Watch this video to follow the conversation with Sir Ronald Cohen, whose new book Impact shows how impact investment and entrepreneurship are reshaping capitalism, and…

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  • From Mylene MILENKOVIC

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    We enter 2023 with increasing pessimism about a slowdown in growth. Almost without exception all forecasts suggest that a global recession will take place. From a…
  • From Lifelong Learning WEBINARS

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    Hear from a fund who have invested in almost 100 INSEAD alumni entrepreneurs to date, and given hundreds of other alumni an avenue to support these entrepreneurs with…
  • From Lifelong Learning WEBINARS

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    SpeakersReshma Sohoni MBA'03J, Seedcamp, Managing Partner Matthijs Glastra MBA98D, Novanta Inc., Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Poh…